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Happily Ever After Newsletter - His Needs/Her Needs

There are steps that a man or a woman can take to improve the current state of their marriage. Regardless of our gender, there are some basic principles that enhance our marital relationship. There are also specific things we can do as women or as men to increase communication and benefit our relationships.

In general, and Biblically, valuing each other as a child of God and putting the other’s best interest above our own are the keys to healthy relationships. Carving out and protecting a central place for Jesus in our everyday events is also something people of any gender can do to improve the strength and intimacy in their marriage. Compromising and surrender will never fall out of fashion when building a strong marriage, but there are unique steps a man can take to be a better husband and a woman can take to be a better wife. If we assert the differences in the genders, we need to acknowledge our unique roles in our marriages and the unique needs of our partners. As we seek to bridge the gender-gap, understanding the needs of our spouse and how we can uniquely meet those needs will go a long way toward a thriving marriage.

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Are you a newlywed?
Is your marriage having problems and
you don’t know how to fix it?
Are you fed up and ready to give up?

If any of these questions describes you, then Marriage 101 is for you. Marriage is a journey, not a fairytale. It is a commitment that two very different people make to spend their lives together, for better or worse. When the bad times come—and they will come—most people run. However, these are opportunities to grow both individually and as a couple, and to build a strong family.

Marriage 101 shares my personal struggles in my marriage and how those struggles led to separation. But it also shares how God restored our broken relationship and stopped us from divorce. The breakdown of our marriage was slow and steady, and after four years of fighting, we separated. At that time, I was a born-again believer, married to the love of my life. After realizing that fairytale marriages do not exist, my faith led me on a spiritual journey to discover why God created the covenant of marriage and whether I could truly fulfill the vows that I made.

The result is my book, Marriage 101. Using the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty as a parable, Marriage 101 helps the reader to understand God’s plan and purpose for the marriage relationship. It also provides practical marriage advice that will allow you to rebuild your marriage upon a strong foundation, just as I did.

Our Mission: To change the course of our country, one couple at a time.

“Jewell Powell knows firsthand what can go wrong in a marriage—and she can help you find your own happily ever after.”

~Dr. Kevin Leman, author of "Turn Up the Heat"
“I never expected that I would be taught and retaught with such passion, drive, and effectiveness by reading a book about marriage. "Marriage 101" by Jewell Powell will exceed your expectations in regards to love, marriage, and healing broken relationships. We all want happy marriages. Jewell teaches us to find happiness within, so we can BE HAPPY in our marriages. She also gives clear steps to get a marriage back to a healthy and productive state. You will love her wit, charm, and deep affinity to the Word of God.

For single ladies, no wife-in-waiting should be without this book in their library."

~Christine Pembleton, author of "Lord, I am Ready to Be a Wife"

What People are Saying

A Marriage Guide you can turn to again and again

I enjoyed how author Jewell R Powell used the story of Sleeping Beauty to reflect Gods Love. In today's world, I don't think it matters if you are about to be married, newly weds, or on 22 years (like me), this book has something we can all benefit from. The study questions and places to leave my reflections were wonderful as I like to take notes when I am learning.

The book is interesting and laid out in an 8 week format. In a quote by Mother Theresa:

Spread Love wherever you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your wife or husband, toy our children, to a next door neighbor... Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of Gods kindness, kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting. ~ Mother Theresa

The part that got me there was the first sentence. How often do I spread myself so thin throughout the day that by the time I land back at home with my husband there isn't a whole lot of me left? A wonderful read - a great study guide for individuals or couples. I would recommend this book to anyone who is planning to get married or is currently married.

~Sheila A. Dechantal


Ask Jewell

Q. Hi, I have been married for 3 years to a wonderful, loyal, kind, and loving man. Before we got married I was very insecure about myself and being able to trust him, after having been used by a handful of cheaters and jerks I dated before him. I know my husband would never go out and cheat for real, but I get extremely upset whenever I see any sort of sexual content or nudity while watching movies or tv, or those sexy ads that pop up on internet. It immediately ruins whatever we're doing, and causes me a lot of pain, sometimes I'll start crying or get up and leave in anger. I try to avoid such situations at all costs, like not watching movies past PG-13. I think that he thinks about these women all the time, and would rather be with them than me. That he finds them more attractive than me, and wishes I were them. I also have a hard time dealing with the idea that he would be looking at and attracted to or aroused by other women (which is apparently just a natural guy thing). I know this isn't normal, but I don't know how to deal with and get past this. Sometimes I find myself going through his internet history just to make sure he's not on websites he shouldn't be. Any advice? Thanks, Katie

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