Best-selling author Jewell R. Powell Marriage 101 Jewell Powell is a marriage coach, best-selling author, and committed Christian who desires to help heal troubled marriages one marriage at a time
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Hello Marriage Ministry Leader,

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce you to the Marriage 101 curriculum. If you hunger and thirst after God and His ways, this course is for you! It is not the usual “8 Steps to a Better Marriage” plan. A great marriage begins with knowing God’s plan for marriage, and experiencing a deeper more intimate relationship with God and oh! I forgot - with your spouse as well!

Marriage 101 Curriculum

Every couple dreams of having a ‘happily ever after’ marriage -- Marriage 101 supports engaged, newlyweds and even couples who may be struggling in their marriage in making that fairy tale image a reality. By applying these eight biblical truths couples will experience a deeper, more spiritual connection with God and with each other. This program is unique because it approaches achieving marital bliss from the angle of each person stepping first into growth and maturity in the things of God. This curriculum has sound biblical teaching based on the Word of God and provides eight biblical truths that we, as Christians, should live by.

Using the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty as a parable of God’s plan for marriage, this curriculum provides an 8-10 week plan for individual or group study. This program is based on eight biblical truths, based on the word of God that the Lord revealed to Jewell Powell that not only helped her reconcile her marriage but also helped her to develop a more intimate relationship with God.

By applying the powerful biblical truths presented, using a combination of the Marriage 101 book/workbook, a PowerPoint presentation, and interactive activities, couples will learn to create strong and fulfilling marriages.

The Leader’s Guide will give you in-depth information about the curriculum, show you many different ways to conduct the class that is right for your group, copies of interactive exercises, speaking notes along with the PowerPoint presentation, Marriage 101 Curriculum on CD and a copy of the Marriage 101 book.

“Powell is amazingly vulnerable, truly insightful, and deeply grounded. Every Christian couple will find help in this easy read.”— Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott, founders of and authors of “Love Talk”

Couples will learn:

  • The eight biblical truths
  • The four stages of marriage
  • How to defeat the enemy
  • How to resolve conflict
  • How words such as ‘submit’ and ‘sacrifice’ are honorable to God
  • How to become ‘one’ in spirit, soul, and body
  • Three types of love
  • How to love God through loving your spouse
  • ...and much more!

Using the Curriculum in YOUR Ministry

If you are interested in starting a marriage ministry or using the curriculum to enhance your current ministry, please use the contact form below to set up a free webinar training session.  This will enable you to review the curriculum and have all of your questions answered.

Thank You & God Bless,
Jewell R. Powell

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